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Disability within the fashion industry Please would people complete this survey im writing a story on people with disabilities working within the fashion industry and the predujices that go ...
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Job Offer: Executive Assistant 60-80% in Switzerland Has been answered A highly dynamic, Swiss-based executive-level boutique is offering the position of an Executive Assistant (French - English - German) As the main support ...
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How to find a job? I am partially blind I from India born partially blind. Without going to school appeared directly to SSC (10th) by correspondence then continued upto B.Sc IT. I also done computers ...
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im akshat i cant walk properly what type of job i can ... i have problem with writing what type of job i can do
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Training for Dow Employees Has been answered Dear users As some of you might remember, did MyHandicap hold an applicant workshop for students with a disability. In advance, there was also a training ...
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school for handicap Has been answered i want to know school for handicap children in lucknow
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How Deborah has found a job at Dow Europe Has been answered Dear users Deborah Stettler was a participant at the first Applicant Workshop by Dow Europe and the Foundation MyHandicap. There, Dow immediately her ...
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Job with disability to other country Has been answered Good day, I am physically disable but I am currently working now. Even I have this disability, I can do same what the other normal people do. I want ...
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beggin on the streets Has been answered F** what sound like a kewl title of the next top hit song is actually my life!! i just got sacked and i CANT BELIEVE IT!!! I worked here for more then ...
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How to apply properly? Has been answered Dear users Applying for a job is always a challenge. With a disability it is even more. Find out more in our newest article: http://www.myhandicap. ...
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