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Disabled rates for intimacy sex surrogate? Hi I'm Jim on the 5 6 quadriplegic complete looking for sex surrogate to establish healthy intimacy and better circulation through the body for I am bedridden ...
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How would a child with AS perception be to sexual ... I have a child in my care that where sexualy molested with intercorse. She was taken away from the perpetrator which was her foster father however she ...
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How to create an Organization in NY State, USA What did you do to help start this organization? I see a need with it as I work in a rehabilitation hospital. It made me think about this subject deeply. ...
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Hello! (intro) Has been answered I'm 33, from the US, new to this site. I have Asperger's and PTSD. Is this an active board?
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Married and Lonely Has been answered Male with savere peripheral neropathy in the legs and feet :bang: But I get on with life the best I can, Trouble is my wife is fed up with it and just ...
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Looking for Gay men with physical disabilities Hey everyone! I am a gay disabled men in San Francisco conducting research on the lived experiences of gay men with disabilities in society. I am conducting ...
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Hey! From Central Florida [b]47 year old male residing in the Orlando area and looking to meet interesting and down to earth people.[/b][i]
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anyone on this site looking for a serious relationship Has been answered im hansaaa im 35 and from boston usa.im looking for a woman 30-42 anywhere in the world.check out my profile,thanks :wink:
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i feel so lonley where can i find some friends which ... Has been answered im 26 years old and i´m very desperate! i really want to find some new friends. i have a paraplegia and i´m stitting in a wheelchair since ever. who ...
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disfigured, how to find a man?! Has been answered hi Im new here. I encountered hot liquide as a child what left my face disfigured. I got used to the stares of people but now i turn 20 and i still ...
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