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growing wheelchair for children? Has been answered Hi at all I am looking for a wheelchair for children that can be used for about 10 years at least or even longer, so that the child could also use is ...
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support for iraque veterans useless Has been answered hi @ all it sucks. Look at this pic: http://themetapicture.com/sitting-like-a-boss/ That guy lost his legs in the "war" against "terrorism" in the ...
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Where can I rent a wheelchair in Dusseldorf? Has been answered Hello, I'm looking to rent a wheelchair in Dusseldorf. Do you know where I could rent a wheelchair? Thank you for your help!
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hearing aids and batteries for japan Has been answered Hi @ everybody! A friend told me that they are looking for hearing aids and batteries in Japan for the hard of hearing and deaf victims of the tsunami ...
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Has anybody heard about BIID? Has been answered A couple of weeks ago I heard a Swiss radio programme about people with BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). Since the programme was in German I wasn't ...
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"disadvantaged american" what do you thinkg about this ... Has been answered Hi there "disadvantaged american" what do you thinkg about this term? I dont like it. if implys that people with disabilities are always disadvantaged...
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fake ear for a child? Has been answered Hi all Just came across this here: http://themetapicture.com/thank-you%E2%80%A6-doctor/ Im really wondering if this is usefull. The child will grow ...
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vibra baby phone Hi @ all Im looking for a baby phone for deaf parents, so with vibration or light signals or what ever possible. Thanks for your help. Camila
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Twitter accessible for blind people? Has been answered How accessible is twitter for blind people?
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surgeries to correct scoliosis ? Hi Anyone knows about scoliosis surgeries? Are there any and if what kind of? Cheers
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