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spina bifida prenatal oparation Has been answered hello we learned to day that our son will be born with spina bifida and will be bond to wheelchair for ever. I cannot accept this fact, I want the best ...
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supor Has been answered
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does anyone knows about trisomy 13?! Has been answered Hi @ all does anyone knows about trisomy 13?! i only heard about trisomy21 so far. but a friend of mine just got the diagnose of her baby boy. he has ...
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eye tattoo? Has been answered hi as you know i have no real face and only one eye. the other day i saw theese superrealistic tattoos and now im thinking about getting a tattoo of an ...
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Epilepsy in babies. Has been answered Hi friends of mine think that their baby could suffer form epilepic seizures but their doctor said that the child would be too young for epilepsy. I am ...
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Am I registered disabled ? Has been answered Hello, this may have been discussed previously but I cant find the answer. I have a condition known as C.O.P.D. it's been getting worse for the last ...
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people with skoliose Has been answered hello. i am a guy (21 yrs) from the south of germany. i would like to have contact with people who have the same disability as me (skoliose, i don't know ...
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Design project to improve the attractiveness of assistive ... Has been answered Hi, I'm Matt, i'm currently looking into improving the look of assistive technology to make it more desirable to the end user, as most assitive products ...
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Need help finding care for my son. I have a 19 year-old son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Recently I have been placed in a position where I have to have somebody care for him while ...
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growing wheelchair for children? Has been answered Hi at all I am looking for a wheelchair for children that can be used for about 10 years at least or even longer, so that the child could also use is ...
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