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hi looking for new contacts in the whole world Has been answered hi, i´m oilily ,32 years old, single and looking for new friends all over the world, i have lost my left leg in an car accident several years ago. best ...
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Riva with wheelchair Has been answered I would like to go to Riva on Lake Garda. Are there any wheelchairdrivers there? Or is it not such a good area for wheelchairdrivers?
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Test - board-test this is a test ... please ignore! :-)
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Wed 26.05.2010 [12:29]
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Dept of Family Affairs Has been answered Hello I was wondering if anybody else had faced major crisis with the Dept of Family Affairs? For example: I know of a woman who is a paraplegic as ...
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Lichen sclerosus Hi A friend of mine just learned that she has Lichen sclerosus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lichen_sclerosus That is a horrible autoimmune disease. ...
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Subtitles BBC Has been answered Hi I usually watch BBC at home. I love their garden shows! They always had subtitles on teletext 888 but now they dont work anymore! Anyone else hase ...
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really kewl response of new zealand airline Has been answered Hi @ all I just found a really cool vid: http://www.deafzone.ch/article/action/view/content_id/22420/ It's in Sign Language and really cheeky. ...
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Insurance obligatory? Has been answered Hi @ all I was wondering. In Norway, almost everything is covered by an insurance and/or paid by the Government. How it that in other countries? ...
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has anybody been at the prosthetics fair in leibzig
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Is there any cheap wheelchair fashion? Has been answered Hallo, wir sind eine private Arbeitsvermittlung in Dachau (www.ubema.de) und haben gestern am 31.08.2009 folgende, auch für uns aussergewöhnlicheAnfrage ...
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