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cool magazine for handicaps Has been answered hello! i've found this nice one: http://www.newmobility.com the articles are good! interesting view on reality and life. have phun! :)
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contact in Netherlands Has been answered Hello, my name is Nils. I am looking for contact with people with disabilities in the Netherlands. Tot ziens, Nils
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movie: rear window Has been answered anyone knows that movie? i mean, the actor is faking it isnt he?
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MyHandicap in Austria? Has been answered Hi you! I found out MyHandicap exists in Germany, Switzerland and the rest of the world. Now as Austrian, do I have to write in the international Page, ...
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Nice awareness stuff Has been answered Hi I've just found that page: http://www.awarenessstuff.us/. Even tough I am a man I can say that I like these jewelery! and it's for a good rea ...
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Ambassadors Has been answered I read about your Ambassadors. Do they also act in Austria? Or in other parts of the world beside Germany an Swizerland?
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pics of pimped wheelchairs! Hey! I love pimping my wheelie (others make their nails or wear fancy shoes...). It would be cool if we could collect a few pics of pimped wheelies ...
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funny stories about your disability hi @ all! We all complain how hard life with disabiltity is. Let's change that! I wanna hear funny stories about your disability! Here's mine: in ...
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money for Pakistan Has been answered Hey you all from around the world. Here in Germany there are a lot of discussions, if you should give Money to Pakistan. I heard that the US gives most ...
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disabled people in media Are there disabled people in the media in your country? In Germany it rises, but there are still not enough people with disabilities in the media - I ...
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