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What is a keyboard keyguard?

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What is a keyboard keyguard?
Written on: 03/03/2010 [22:52]
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The use of a frame called keyguard allows an easier use of computer keyboard for people with limited coordina-tion skills. Capital, small or compound keyboards expand the offer of accessibility tools for computers. The frame is placed on the keyboard and fills the gaps between the keys. This prevents the user from pressing two key at once unintendedly. Through the holes of the frame, the user can press the keys easily and with additional sup-port. This makes it easier for the user to write if the co-ordination of the hands is difficult. The frames are avail-able in different sizes and hole depths. The frame is also a securing hand-rest. The frames are usually made of acryl glass and can easily be placed on a standard com-puter keyboard and removed again.
People with impaired motor skills or with difficulties to hit the keys could also use special keyboards with enlarged keys or a compact keyboard. Keyboards with enlarged keys are available in various sizes, the keys are larger and recessed. More space between the keys pre-vents from errors. Compact keyboards are also available with larger space between the keys and recessed keys. It facilitates the typing if the fine motor skills are impaired and also provides better support. For people with muscle weakness or very limited range of motion, mini key-boards are available. The interfaces of flexible keyboards are variable in number, position and size of the keys which allows an individual adjustment to the needs of the user. For people who work only with one hand, there are so-called one-hand keyboards. The measures there are accorded to the reach of the fingers.
Written on: 06/03/2010 [13:07]
Die Website für Menschen mit Behinderung und schwerer Krankheit / Community for disabled people