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Masterbation in a diaper

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Just wondering how many guys on here that have to wear a diaper because of incontinence regularly masterbate to orgasm in the diaper. I find it's a good and discreet way of doing it, I am paraplegic and have an SP catheter but wear nappies 24/7 because of bipassing and bowel stuff. I have no feeling in my bum area but can get erect and masterbate fine so I am fortunate. I have found that a wet nappy is best and really nice.
I think it's important to turn stuff like nappy wearing into a positive thing and make it work in a good way.
I am not an adult baby but have grown to like diapers and the different ones you can get. The ones in the photo are really for adult baby types but as I said that's not me but I guess I am a diaper lover.
I am glad in a way if I hated them life would not be good. I have found out that over the years acceptance is really important.
Would love to hear from anyone out there that is like me or am I the only one.

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Written on: 13/04/2017 [13:22]
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