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I am looking for help and advice to re-organize my life and career.

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Hello, I’m from India and currently living in Berlin, Germany. A friend of mine referred me here. I want to explore this opportunity to get help and advice to re-organise my career and to choose a career that I am interested in.

A Little background.

I met with a freaky accident in 2002 that left me paralyzed from the neck down. Although the accident left me wheelchair bound, I have been reinventing myself ever since. I am a certified counselor and a marginally famous Life coach/Motivational speaker in my home state Kerala, India. I am involved with various community development programs, partnering with Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations. Recently I have partnered with a Government organization that was working to bring relief to flood affected areas in Kerala. All this while I was working towards my degree. I left my Engineering course and took a Commerce and Management stream and graduated in 2012. And after that, I completed a Post Graduation in Public Administration in 2017.

As my friends would vouch, I am a get things done guy. I push myself to achieve goals that my peers never imagined that I will accomplish. I went to work in corporate jobs like any normal person would do. Recently I was a Senior Project Coordinator at Youfind4 Inc. Before that; I worked as a Customer Relations Manager for Powerlite Software Solutions.

My unique life experiences have made me resilient, patient and above all a better communicator. The career as a counselor and Life Coach/Motivational speaker has given me an opportunity to work with people of all walks of life. I consider this as my greatest strength. And I can bring this positive attitude to any workplace.

I have more than 5 years of experience in ''Palliative and hospice care'' as volunteer, advisor and coordinator. My passion and interest in this field made me to quit my career and choose a new career in medical/healthcare field. But I am not sure if my experiences are enough to find an employment or career related to healthcare in Germany or is it required to do/complete any supportive course/training. So here I am looking for proper guidance and advice to achieve my goal.

thanks in advance.

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