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Finding it harder to cope with my disability?

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 » Psychological Matters
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A few years ago i didn't care about it, but as im getting older it seems to be taking over my life. Public outing's is never fun. I cant go to a restaurant to eat unless i know its quiet, and even when im in there i have to find the seat away from everyone to avoid stares, points and comments. And if i don't get the right seat i simply wont eat. If im shopping in town ill walk on the inside hide behind whoever im with to avoid people seeing me, i wont stand at a shop doorway or window in case people in their cars talk about me. Never go to kids birthday parties to avoid being copied by them. i wear scarfs year round to hide my arm. that's where my disability is. I can see family and friends being put out because im so demanding with all this.

This isn't normal? is it?

Anything i can do to help stop me being so paranoid?
Written on: 27/02/2012 [00:43]
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