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Disability Care while travelling

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Hello all you lovely carers out there. I will be travelling through Europe, Milan 25/2/2019-28/2/2019, Interlaken 28/2/2019-4/3/2019, Paris 4/3/2019-7/3/2019 and Amsterdam 7/3/2019-11/3/2019 and need a carer that can help at my hotel for these days, one hour in the morning and one hour in the night, I am flexible to work in and don't mind a late evening after dinner if it suits you as well. My needs are showering, drying and dressing. I can stand and walk with difficulty as I have Motor Neurone Disease. I am a happy positive person travelling with two other people but don't want them to do this. I am easy to deal with and like to be nice to people that help me. If you can assist me or someone that you know can, please let me know by email at [mailadresse]

Thanks very much

Written on: 13/02/2019 [13:33]
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