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Team MyHandicap Switzerland

The members of the MyHandicap team introduce themselves.


Albert E. Frieder, CEO

Dr. Albert Frieder
Dr. Albert Frieder

Albert E. Frieder has 30 years experience in leadership of famous international Management Consulting Companies, e.g. the Malik Management Center St.Gallen, and in business, corporate and management development. He was CEO of the Swiss Umbrella Sports Association for Disabled and chaired the Swiss Paralympic Committee.

Mr. Frieder is also in the governing body at the Center for Disability and Integration at the University of St.Gallen (CDI-HSG)

Since January 2010, he is Manager of MyHandicap.

Email to Albert Frieder: albert.frieder(at)myhandicap.ch



Portal & Editorial team

Catherine Fontaine

Catherine Fontaine
Catherine Fontaine

Catherine Fontaine has completed a bachelor's degree in Translation. As a freelancer, she translates for various NGOs. Previously, she spent several years teaching English and French as a foreign language to primary and secondary school students.

In Spring 2012, she joined the MyHandicap team. She is responsible for translating content and texts of the internet portal into French as well as for supervising the French website.

Send an email to Catherine Fontaine: catherine.fontaine(at)myhandicap.ch

Patrick Gunti, editor & Community support

Patrick Gunti
Patrick Gunti

Partick Gunti is a freelance journalist and editor, Certificate PR assistant, and owner of the Medien- und Infoagentur Gunti.

Patrick Gunti works as a journalist and editor for numerous companies in diverse industries. For MyHandicap, he works in the areas info, news and events and maintains various boards.

Email Patrick Gunti: Patrick.Gunti(at)myhandicap.ch


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