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Information on disabilities and chronic illnesses

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Welcome on the information pages from MyHandicap! Here you can find articles about various subjects concerning disabilities or chronic illnesses.


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Current Issue
(Photo: Rainer Sturm/pixelio.de)
(Photo: Rainer Sturm/pixelio.de)

Learning Lunches give the participants the opportunity to gain some insights in capacity-oriented working. Read more…

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Presenting MyHandicap
MyHandicap presents itself

We want to improve people’s life who are significantly impaired by a physical limitation in their daily lives.


Successful career start
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Integration of people with disabilities into the working place is at the heart of a cooperation between Dow Europe and the Foundation MyHandicap.


Research Center CDI
Research at the Center for Disability and Integration

MyHandicap is partner of the Center for Disability and Integration. The centre is dedicated to the research of the economic integration of people with disabilities.

Most Read Articles
More about Sexuality and disability (Picture: Stephanie Hofschlaeger / Source: pixelio.de)

Sexuality and disability is still a taboo subject: It is important to be informed about erotic desires and the possibilities to fulfil them

(Picture: Stephanie Hofschlaeger / pixelio.de)

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