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Information on disabilities and chronic illnesses

Magnifying glass above the MyHandicap logo (Photo: MyH)

Welcome on the information pages from MyHandicap! Here you can find articles about various subjects concerning disabilities or chronic illnesses.


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Current Issue
Affected with ALS: Stephen Hawking (Photo: NSA)
(Photo: NSA)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a serious, chronic degenerative illness of the central and peripheral nervous system. It is characterised by muscle weakness and difficulty in speaking and swallowing. Read more…

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Presenting MyHandicap
MyHandicap presents itself

We want to improve people’s life who are significantly impaired by a physical limitation in their daily lives.


Successful career start
An application with a big, blue question mark on the foreground.

Integration of people with disabilities into the working place is at the heart of a cooperation between Dow Europe and the Foundation MyHandicap.


Research Center CDI
Research at the Center for Disability and Integration

MyHandicap is partner of the Center for Disability and Integration. The centre is dedicated to the research of the economic integration of people with disabilities.

Most Read Articles
Information about many disabilities and impairments (Picture: Gerd Altmann / Source: pixelio.de)

Most people think of wheelchairs and paraplegia when it comes to physical disabilities but there are many more

(Picture: Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de)