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Setting a good example

Being happy, leading a fulfilling life and having a handicap – a contradiction? No, it is not, as shown by our role models every day. The stories of our role models are intended to give you inputs and courage. They all have one thing in common: They all live true to the motto "Do not worry, be happy!"

Alex Zanardi
Alex Zanardi (Amputation) (Morio /Wikimedia)
In a serious accident, successful racing driver Alex Zanardi’s life was changed in a flash. The popular daredevil lost both legs...
Andy Scott
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Andy Scott (47), refused to let polio interfere with his dreams of achieving sporting glory and helping others reach theirs.
Dergin Tokmak
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Dergin Tokmak contracted polio as an infant. In spite of this he began a career as high flying dancer.
Kirsten Bruhn
Kirsten Bruhn
Kirsten Bruhn learned to swim when she was three years old. Just like the rest of her family. Not even a motorcycle accident...
Mel Clarke
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For archery champion Mel Clarke it appeared to be a case of just holding her nerve to achieve her goal.
Reini Sampl
Reini Sampl
Professional skier Rheinhard Sampl fell so hard during training in 1996 that the then 23 year old broke two discs in his back...
Michael Kröner
Kröner on his handbike (Photo: Beatrix Polgar-Stüwe)
Where many pedestrians have failed in the German Sports University, Michael Kröner completed his studies
Have a little faith!
Jude Stringfellow holds Faith while Santa Claus talks to her (Picture: The Stringfellows)
Around Christmas 2002, Faith was born without forelegs but the dog still became one of the greatest motivational "speaker".
Pageant for disabled women
Alexandra McArthur (by courtesy of Miss Wheelchair America)
Beauty pageants for disabled women are looking for very special women
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