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Over and done because of wheelchair, prosthesis & co? Far from it! If someone thinks that people with physical disabilities have only a few choices for sports and leisure, is quite mistaken. The following sites inform about all kinds of sport for people with disabilities.

Paralympics inside report
Photo: Adrian Moser
MyHandicap employer Adrian wanted to gain a personal picture on the Paralympic 2012, and travelled together with a group of people to London.
Paralympics London 2012
These people bring the Paralympic flame to London. (Photo: London 2012)Group picture of
From 29 August to 9 September, 4200 athletes from over 160 nations will perform at the Paralympic.
Rehab sports
Swimming (photo: Kirsten Bruhn)
Sport can be more than just a hobby. If correctly targeted sport can also be an effective means of rehabilitation
Racket for people with disabilities
MyHandicap-Logo (Foto: MyHandicap)
A ball, a racket, and the fun can begin!
Water sports
waterskiing (photo: Gerda Pamler)
There are many different sports that are done in, on or at the water
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