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hey has anybody been at rock im park in germany?
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Australia in a wheelchair... Hello everybody, I think about travelling to Australia since a few years. But I don't really know how accessible this country is for people in a wheelchair. ...
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Tour Operator for assisted travels Has been answered Hallo, wir sind eine private Arbeitsvermittlung in Dachau (www.ubema.de) und haben gestern am 31.08.2009 folgende, auch für uns aussergewöhnlicheAnfrage ...
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Hawaiian Handicap tours Awwww, look at that! http://hawaiianhandicaptours.com/ This looks just awesome! Anyway who'd join me? Cheers
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are there any barrier-free gossip concerts in london ... Has been answered hi i´ll be in london in june and i´m a big gossip fan. does anybody know if there are any gossip concerts in london in june? i´m a wheelchair user and ...
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Safari in Southafrica Hello! I heard its possible for poeple in a wheelchair to go on Southafrica. Is this true? Regards from Knuspernuss
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Openair festivals with wheelchair Hi @ all! Im just informed myself about Openair festivals in Switzerland, if i can go with my wheelchair. Who has experiences? At which festival ...
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Who needs a real good travel assistant - worldwide? Has been answered I am a man who likes travelling and people, with experience in handicapped travel organisation and assisting. If you need me for your travel ideas - just ...
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Where do I get the Euro-Key? I am planning to travel through continental Europe. I wonder where I can acquire the Euro-Key for public wheelchair-accessible toilettes. Thanks PR
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How do special services for the disabled work at German ... Has been answered Hi, I am planning a trip over from Heathrow to Germany. I wonder how good Frankfurt or Munich airport personnel know about handling special needs of disabled ...
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