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Your articles should me more international Hi there, I've enjoyed reading your latest article http://www.myhandicap.com/disabled-working-parents.html But here's my problem. All these articles ...
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Hi I'm new here Hi Everybody. I am not a disabled person. But ı want to help people with disabilities ,please nobody think pessimistic , walk or run is not so ...
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Hi! Hi @ all! I see that on this page they make a difference between mentally and psychical disabliy. I dont really see any difference. so long story short: ...
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birthdaypoem Has been answered Hello, do you know a good birthday poem in English? Its my friends birthday soon and she lives in Canada. Thanks, Erna
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what is this platform good for? hi, i just found this platform! what is it good for? i have a handicap, but what can i get from this side? i am interested. simone
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now I need something sweet :-) hello, thank you very much for your spicy recepies :-) now I need something sweet as dessert. have you any ideas? thank you :-) sweet-curry :-)
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How do you celebrate valentins day? hello, soon its the 14th of February. i am interested, how do you celebrate this day? In Germany men - well not all, but at least a lot - give flowers ...
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spicy recepies hello, i am looking for spicy recepies from all over the world! thank you so much, curry :-)
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Eurovision Songcontest Hi! How is the mood in your country about the Eurovision Songcontest? Here in Germany Lenas Songs start comming up. Yesterday the first 6 songs were presented. ...
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Very interesting News! Hi, I hope that a lot of people read your news. I never heard of Michael J. Fox for a long time. I am glad I can read about him in your news: http:/ ...
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