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Need help selecting between a C-Leg, Rheo or Plie. This is my very first prosthetic.

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registered since: 15/04/2011
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I'm an AK amputee, 38 years old, marathon runner (before the amputation) and intend to be very active again. I'm trying to decide what prosthetic would be best for me a C-Leg, Rheo, or Plie. Any feedback from anybody who's used any of them or knows anyone who has would be extremely helpful to me in my decision making process. Thank you!
Written on: 15/04/2011 [14:46]
Die Website für Menschen mit Behinderung und schwerer Krankheit / Community for disabled people
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Hi cgargiul

Welcome aboard!
It's good you want to stay active. That's the best to get forward!
If reposted your question in the German-speaking forum of MyHandicap and I hope, there are some people how can answer your questions.

This here http://www.washingtondc.va.gov/news/veteran_runner.asp is only one of many examples of people with prosthetics who run marathons. Maybe you've also heard of Terry Fox, one of the most inspiring persons I've ever "met". Im a big fan of his icon_wink.gif

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can also contact me per PM oder Email.

Kind regards,


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Written on: 26/04/2011 [10:45]
Die Website für Menschen mit Behinderung und schwerer Krankheit / Community for disabled people