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MyHandicap: The internet portal for people with disabilities and severe illness


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Presenting MyHandicap
MyHandicap presents itself

We want to improve people’s life who are significantly impaired by a physical limitation in their daily lives.


Honorary Patron
Bill Clinton is honorary patron of MyHandicap (Copyright: Clinton Foundation)

Bill Clinton is honorary patron of MyHandicap and is convinced that to solve the most pressing political and social problems government, private sector and NGOs need to work together

(Copyright: Clinton Foundation)

Private Social Responsibility
Handshake (Photo: Stephanie Hofschlaeger / pixelio.de)

Private Social Responsibility enables you to contribute to the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities.

(Picture: Stephanie Hofschlaeger/pixelio.de)

Most readed articles from our users
Information about many disabilities and impairments (Picture: Gerd Altmann / Source: pixelio.de)

Most people think of wheelchairs and paraplegia when it comes to physical disabilities but there are many more

(Picture: Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de)

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